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Alternative News Websites – Altruistic? – Not Always

For quite some time now I have been getting a very uncomfortable feeling regarding a number of well-known and respected alternative news/opinion websites.

We gravitate toward such sites because we know and understand that almost all mainstream news media outlets are not only specifically agenda driven for the most part; but extremely dangerous.

Not only do they severely limit the information presented to the public at large, they also distort information in such a way that black becomes white and vice versus.  This, as I am sure those who reach further than the mainstream know, has enabled various western governments and other organisations to carry out many heinous acts in our name, because the majority remain ignorant, or completely misinformed.

What I am getting at here, is that we should not automatically assume alternative news/opinion contributor websites do not also have their own agendas; and may not be as benign as one might at first conclude, especially when commentary is included.

One aspect that I think should be considered by anyone accessing alternative news websites, is that what I call the  ‘Big Four’ are first and foremost businesses; and I defy anyone to imply that they are completely non-profit making organisations.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with people who invest a great deal of time and effort into a website of any description receiving financial gain; if only to cover costs,  but it should be noted that whenever money is involved and when financial stability is paramount, self-interest often becomes predominant.

Money and it’s influences play a large role in human behavior and if the paid advertising on some of these sites is anything to go by, then high principles and morality become secondary.

It’s easy enough to state that such site advertising is not endorsed by, nor representative of the views and opinions of the website and it’s contributors; but if such a website is all about informing people of the criminal, amoral state of elitists, governments and others who control our world, whilst at the same time promoting change that could remove the former, then the least one can anticipate is that those responsible for the informing demonstrate a satisfactory moral compass themselves.

Another aspect currently making me feel uncomfortable, is how each of the ‘Big Four’ demonstrate possession of a large Ego; and hence are not open to genuine constructive criticism.  Not only that; I have noted on numerous occasions that any directed criticism by readers or others, no matter how valid, is roundly dismissed out of hand, sometimes ridiculed, often aggressively, if the opinion does not adhere to their own beliefs and values.

Such behaviours also undermine the articles composed by the contributors and based on such responses alone, one has to question the motives of the owners of these websites.  Freud once said, ‘The ego is not master in its own house’.  I feel this is definitely food for thought.

Which leads on to the many childish and egocentric catfights the ‘Big Four indulge in’;  if such websites are altruistically dedicated to informing the public and making us aware of the many deceptions and machinations being carried out in our name, then why all the rivalry and contention?

Seriously, if these website owners are genuinely trying to bring about world change then it matters not who actually supplies the information; as long as it is communicated.  As yet another wise soul once said; ego has no value in the pursuit of truth and freedom.

Taking the above into consideration, I would personally advise caution in donating money to any of these websites, whose requests are constant.  There are plenty of hard-working, alternative news/opinion websites out there that inform us without the drama, without the ego’s and without such a distinct, vested self-interest.