Chilcott Inquiry – Tony Blair and Myra Hindley, or Myra Blair and Tony Hindley?

Where’s the association you may ask?  Well the comparisons are uncanny.

I just finished reading a very accomplished book, written by Carol Ann Lee   titled ‘One Of Your Own, The Life And Death Of Myra Hindley’.

The book is an in-depth study of an infamous British child murderer, which reveals the woman and her crimes in the context of our collective history.

The book illustrates quite clearly to anyone with even the smallest understanding of mental processes and human behaviour that Myra Hindley was a Psychopath.

The author points out that people who commit monstrous acts rarely look any different from the rest of humanity, but what sets them apart are their choices, acts of appalling cruelty and violence.

Everyone reviled this child murderer; apart from a few easily manipulated elites, who along with Hindley spent many years and a great deal of money telling the world she was misunderstood and  justifying her behaviour.



Tony Blair is also a psychopath; responsible for the murder of many children, the difference being that the dead children were not British, but Iraqi .  The board of the Chilcott Inquiry could be construed as easily manipulated elites setting the stage and enabling Tony Blair to tell the world he is misunderstood, whilst justifying his behaviour.

Hindley and Blair both displayed a total lack of conscience, along with an ongoing psychological coldness without human warmth, or emotion, in light of their crimes; both refused to co-operate with authorities when questioned regarding the parts they played.  Hindley was; and Blair is, a consummate Actor.

Myra Hindley was continually depicted as a victim, whom her defenders believed was under the spell of her partner in crime, the infamous Ian Brady.

Tony Blair also sees himself as a victim; albeit for different reasons, but many of his defenders believe he was also under the spell of his infamous partner in crime, George Bush.

Hindley was Catholic, who felt secure in the knowledge that her faith and her feigned remorse meant her redemption, regardless of the fact that she continued to guilefully lie about her involvement in the deaths of three of the five Moor’s murder victims for many, many years and remained indifferent to the suffering of the families of her victims.

Blair is also a Catholic, who also feels secure in the knowledge that his faith means his redemption; regardless of the fact that he continues to guilefully lie about his involvement in the premeditated murder of many, many children.  Blair also displays a complete indifference to the suffering of the families of his victims.  Furthermore Blair even stated in an emphatic manner, (which implied God’s requisite) that God would judge whether he was right to send British troops to Iraq, resulting in the murder of thousands of children.

Hindley and Blair both wrote memoirs, both of which were wholly self-absorbed, displayed a profound ability to manipulate and extrapolated their monumental egotism.

Blair and Hindley both blamed others for their decision to partake in the murder of innocents and even implied that they indirectly brought it upon themselves.  Hindley implied that one of her victims ‘should not have been out so late at night’; Blair’s inferences suggest he was also a victim of circumstance and now inadequately blames ‘the hidden hand of Iran’.

Both Psychopaths regularly returned to and had their trophy photographs taken at the scene of their crimes.

Myra Hindley believed that she and Brady became ‘their own God’s’ and was completely disconnected from normal life; Hindley remained so up until her death.

Blair also clearly demonstrates a self-affirming, godlike personality.   He was and remains completely detached from reality, in relation to his self -supporting virtuousness, his steadfast self-belief regarding WMD’s and invasion of Iraq despite information that has transpired since; and his ongoing rabid enthusiasm for a similar confrontation with Iran.

The only dissimilarities I see are:  the difference in the number of children involved, that Myra Hindley was tried, convicted and punished for her crimes and was never free again.

Hindley was also not immediately made a Middle East Peace Envoy and ironically continued persistently, to trumpet war against yet more Middle Eastern countries.  Her memoirs were never published; she was not rewarded for her crimes either financially, or prestigiously; and was never given the power, resources, or opportunity to murder innocent children again.

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  • efgd3833  On January 23, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    The Blair GWBush fiasco still haunts us today. If only they had told the truth, went into Iraq saying death to Saddam because he was a tyrant and an abusive humans rights violator;then WMA would not be such a farce, of course Saddam could have produced WMA, would have no doubt produced WMA, may well have been going to produce WMA. No proof was found of WMA. Plenty of proof that he was like GWBush and Blair a psychopath.

    Iran will be a very different situation, and the nearer Blair is to the process of Middle East talks all I can say is be afraid, be very afraid.

    Good blog will definitely look out for the book.

    • biblar  On January 23, 2011 at 5:18 pm

      Thanks for your comment. The book is well worth a read. One of the best I have read on the subject.

  • Guy Jones  On March 13, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Hi Biblar,

    I really enjoyed this article, the book looks well worth the read. I find it interesting that in the light of the disaster in Iraq that Blair is allowed to speak on any public forum. I also feel it is short sighted to think that Bush jr was in anyway controlling him. From my own research it is apparant that the bread crumbs lead to a rabbit hole in Israel. But that the controlling hand is most likely that of Lord Rothschild. Who is the defacto landlord of Israel.

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