New Precipice Walk, Snowdonia National Park – Adventures in a Welsh Wonderland

Decided to spend Sunday walking the New Precipice Walk in the Snowdonia National Park. I Packed up a picnic and off we went. I don’t think we could have chosen a more beautiful day. It was quite hard going due to the intense heat; But my goodness was the effort worth it.

The full (strenuous) circular walk of 7 – 10 miles, depending of course from where you start, really is a wonder to behold. The breathtaking views of the Mawddach Estuary and also across to Cader Idris and the Arans, consist of, in my personal opinion, some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

Part of the walk encorporates a route through a completely silent wood; and some of the smells you encounter as you walk are truly wonderful.

Mosses In The Silent Wood

Imagine a ‘hundred hippies burning incense sticks’ and you would come close to capturing the aromatic perfume given off by Jeffrey Pine trees; also the varied mosses and late bluebells throughout the wood are every shade of green and blue one could imagine; and quite, quite beautiful.

Late Bluebells

As we ascended toward the half way point of the walk, wherever you looked the views were amazing; glimpses caught through the trees gave us an indication of what was to come;

Peeping Through The Trees

First Glimpse Of Afon Mawddach

Afon Mawddach And Mountains

Cars Looking Like Ants From The Precipice

The view of the Mawddach Estuary from the half way point of our walk was spectacular; my photograph really does not do it justice as we could see Ireland in the distance quite clearly due to the fine weather conditions . We stopped here for our lunch and I cannot think of a more beautiful location for a picnic. We were also entertained by Buzzards at this point; soaring above us the whole while.

Stunning view from the half way point

From this point we ascended a little higher to be met by an abundance of gorse and early heather; again my photograph really does not do it justice…

Gorse And Early Heather

On the ascent we came across my would be dream home; an old derelict house with the most fabulous views and a would be garden.. full of sheep! Maybe one day….

My Dream Home

Toward another silent wood on the descent;

Woods on Descent

Into The Woods...Again!

Reminds Me.... Of Hansel And Gretel

Not Far Now?

Around a very pretty reservoir;


Down a few more hills…

Hills On Final Descent

Over The Stream…

Stream Towards The End Of The Walk

Hmmmm Supper?

Almost Back To Our Starting Point......And A Chicken Supper!

If you ever get the chance to visit the beautiful Snowdonia National Park I cannot recommend this wonderful walk enough. We had the most wonderful day.  I really cannot thank the Snowdonia National Park enough;  for providing such an  inspiring walk.

A final word…of warning. if you tackle this walk on a very hot day as we did….don’t forget to apply sun lotion to your face as well as everywhere else….or you will end up with facial skin so tight it feels like you have undergone the sort of face lift that only American women seem to desire….carried out by an over zealous.. horribly insane plastic surgeon…and end up having no facial expression whatsoever…for hours…..just like I….

Happy Hiking….

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